URACCAN authorities accompany and guide in-house students
URACCAN ensures the success of educational processes while protecting the university community.
Josselyn Flores

The purpose of the talks is to reduce risks of contagion.

URACCAN Student Welfare, from the Bluefields campus, has coordinated activities with the areas of Occupational Hygiene and Safety and the Psychology Laboratory to serve internal students and share with them educational talks on COVID-19 prevention measures, reducing risk and ensuring compliance with educational processes.

This interdisciplinary URACCAN team is constantly visiting boarding school to meet with young students, dialogue and encourage them to comply with the care protocol established by the authorities, to ensure their health and that of the entire university community.

In this regard, Ing. Katherine Flores, responsible for Occupational Hygiene and Safety, said that "we are giving these talks to students, complying with the protocol of meeting in open places, maintaining the estating and use of masks; these actions we are taking is to motivate students to continue practicing prevention measures and reduce the risks of contagion."

Psychological motivations

Psychologist Marsha Cuadra refers that "we work by explaining from the psychological side the onslations that this disease is causing, and its affectations on the cognitive part, so we are guiding us to be more careful not to let our guard down with preventive measures, to avoid as much as possible the consequences of being exposed or having become sick with this virus".

For her part, Mr. Leydi Kelly, responsible for internal students, explained that these coordinations are primarily aimed at protecting boys living in the hostel.

In this sense, the student of the second year of Agroforestry Engineering, Luis Solano, concluded by reflecting: "I find the initiatives important because they motivate us to remain firm with health practices and be more aware in protecting each other, and to ensure my active participation in classrooms, because I am confident that my colleagues also put into practice the care that we must have in this context".