Trainings that strengthen practical knowledge

By: Juan Herrera Urbina

Students of the V Year of the Career of Business Administration with mention in Banking and Finance of URACCAN campus Las Minas, accompanied by teachers of the university, made an apprenticeship visit to the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN), where they received a Master's Conference on the "Design of monetary and exchange rate policy implemented by the Central Bank", within the framework of the annual monetary program , in accordance with monetary and exchange rate policy guidelines.

The conference focused on the main functions of the Central Bank in the country and the importance of implementing a monetary and exchange rate policy scheme to meet the fundamental objective of "Currency Stability and the Normal Development of Domestic and External Payments".

Students and teachers also visited the Numismatics Museum, where the different currencies of the country are protected from the beginning of the history of their use in Nicaragua. They also visited the Library to the Bank's cultural acquis. In this same context, the NCB also donated a box of books that will be delivered to the university for use by students in the Library.

In addition, during their tour, students visited the Invercasa Building (Investment Fund Management Society), where they received training on "Generalities of the National and International Securities Market", and each received a certificate of participation, also visiting the facilities of the Stock Exchange.

With this type of activity, URACCAN strengthens its institutional commitment to train men and women with knowledge, knowledge, capacities, values, principles, humanist attitudes, a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, in balance and harmony with Mother Earth for the strengthening of the Autonomy of Peoples.