Conservation of Mother Earth

By: Algiers Hernandez

Within the framework of the subject "Institutional Philosophy", a group of students from the URACCAN Propedeutic Course in the Las Minas campus, took a tour of the Departmental Arboretum "Yulu" with representatives of state institutions of the Municipality of Siuna.

In this context, Engineer Benito Talavera, delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Marena), gave a message to students to continue the care and preservation of Mother Earth, "In this summer we must raise awareness in each of us, neighbor and community in the conservation of the environment, in the protection of our land and avoid unnecessary burning , but if that happens we must rely on our neighbors and family members of the community to prevent a spread and the provocation of a major fire," he said.

Learn more about the departmental arboretum "Yulu" of the Las Minas Campus

For his part, Fadel Omar Mercado, responsible for the environment area of the mayor of Siuna, noted the importance of environmental protection, being able to be careful with the cleanliness of our municipality, "It is not only for the mayor's office to clean up the garbage, it is up to us all from our homes, from our own education as people and as students committed to the protection of the environment" Said.

Student Community Experiences

Also, for student Jasmir Aguinaga, the tour was a nice experience "For me this initiative is very important because that is how we know the work they do in our municipality in terms of reforestation, in the same way, I would like to raise awareness of people to protect the environment from pruning trees, let us remember that trees purify air and air is life" Said.

In this sense, student Erielka García, called on the population not to give up on the planting of more trees and to do this action permanently and in this way we will build a country, a municipality and a better university.

URACCAN to the care and protection of the Pachamama

Likewise, Mr. Luis Herrera Siles, coordinator of the Institute of Studies and Promotion of Autonomy, (IEPA-URACCAN) and also facilitator of the institutional philosophy class explained to the participants the importance of the tour, it was made "To show students the interinstitutional articulation that URACCAN has with local actors, show young people one of the most emblematic projects of URACCAN that is the Arboretum , that they knew and heard that we were pursuing this project," Herrera concluded.