Strengthening pedagogical capacities

By: Jindriska Mayorga

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast in the Las Minas campus continuously strengthens the formation of its human talent through training, generating tools that allow a teaching-learning process, inside and outside the Intercultural Community University.

In this sense, the first teaching training was developed, whose objective was to analyze educational trends and challenges and the development of technologies for the improvement of learning, as well as to reflect on the academic institutional context in URACCAN, particularly the Las Minas campus, and new educational trends, as well as strengthening learning through active student-centered methodologies , explained Master Aura Gonzales, coordinator of the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences.

In addition, Gonzalez added that, the three-day training and topics focused on the trend and educational challenges and the Problem-Based Learning (ABP) methodology.

Methodologies that strengthen teachers' knowledge and knowledge

Also, the Msc. Eddy Salgado, helpfully mentioned the training "somehow allows us to explore all those methodologies that exist to make the classes more productive and successful for students, we are integrating technology, in addition to the emotional issues on the part of the students, all these topics come to complement the knowledge acquired," he said.

While, teacher Patricia Reyes García, a time teacher, indicated that training allows them to contextualize what they learned equally updated in order to share with students.

Finally, the Msc. Ivan Jarquín, commented that the university is developing processes that allow edurism and innovation, "this involves a process of reflection to improve the technicians that are developing as a university", concluded