URACCAN Bluefields campus students conduct hands-on activities to take care of the environment
Students of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure decorating trash cans with environmental and eye-catching messages,
Students of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure decorating trash cans with environmental and eye-catching messages,
Josselyn Flores

Encouraging actions in harmony with Mother Earth.

As part of URACCAN's teaching-learning processes, students are encouraged to live well and in harmony with Mother Earth, through a course in environmental education class, completed with practical activities, from the design of awareness messages to the university community for the care of the environment.

During this activity, teacher Eveth Castillo, teacher of the subject, stated that this process "is part of one of the cross-cutting axes of the educational system in Nicaragua, care for the environment and environmental education, which involves each of the citizens", she explained.

In this sense, the group of twelve students, completed the environmental education program with practical works, including models and environmental murals with messages allusive to the care of the environment, adapted to the context of the Caribbean Coast and its natural riches.

The teacher also explained that "they were divided into two groups, one was responsible for cleaning throughout the enclosure, for the collection of waste found in the surroundings and the other group dedicated themselves to decorating the trash cans with environmental and eye-catching messages, to attract people to deposit the trash instead" Detailed.

"The message must not only remain in them, this environmental thing goes online, they learn, they put it into practice and they share it with their students and in their homes," Castillo added.

Commitment to The Care of Mother Earth

For his part, student Mayron Zelaya commented that for them "this class is of the utmost importance and must be contemplated in each of the educational programs of all careers, because it is learning to love our nature, this university is part of Mother Earth, we are surrounded by natural resources that other places wished to feel in an atmosphere of tranquility" Assured.

In addition, Zelaya added that "the earth is calling us to change our attitudes and actions," he said. Finally, master Castillo congratulated the group and motivated them to move forward and continue to bring change actions to the costly population.