Recreation and learning

By: Keydi Bent

With the aim of sharing methodological and didactic strategies, the area of Education Sciences and Languages opened the second half of the school year 2019, in a more dynamic and less traditional way, performing a variety of traditional games.

"We from the area try to do a different day than what has been done before, which is why we moved students from URACCAN to Gral. George Hodgson Square, to try to rescue games that are only left in our memories today," MSc said. Marbella Jiron coordinator of the area.

During the activity, undergraduate students participated in English and biology, and certificates were given to outstanding students of these careers, with Michelle Bennett being the best student in the English career and the highest URACCAN bluefields campus average, with 97.80%.

"Our area is the one that trains the teachers of the different centers, so it was done in this way, so that we can put into practice what has been learned here with the children of our region and thus rescue these traditional games," Jirón concluded.