URACCAN, daughter of autonomy

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, in these 25 years of academic training, has influenced the strengthening of Regional Autonomy, that is why from the university alliances are formed with the Regional Government, to celebrate together the "Day of Autonomy", as reported by Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of the Intercultural Community University.

"The greatest product of autonomy is the university," Hooker said, he also argued that, if the content of the Autonomy Act is carefully reviewed and the mission and vision of this house of intercultural higher education, "URACCAN responds to autonomy, it responds to the provisions of the political constitution of the country, on the human rights of the different peoples , make visible their cultures, their worldview," emphasized the rector.

Hooker pointed out that one of the aspects in the institution's mission is to strengthen the regional process, "prepare human talent for the strengthening of autonomy", that is why the URACCAN Intercultural Community University, "we can say that she is the daughter of autonomy", she emphasized.

On coordination

Last Friday, August 09, the rector of URACCAN, in conjunction with a team from the Bilwi compound, visited the mayor of Waspam, and met with Yamill Zapata, departmental political secretary of Puerto Cabezas-Waspam-Prinzapolka to present the Plan of Activities to be carried out within the framework of the university's 25 years.

"We met with the municipal and regional authorities to be able to do these activities together and to accompany the community university in its 25-year celebration and the celebration of regional autonomy," Hooker said, and joint planning is being developed, where all communities, all the Caribbean people, are being invited to celebrate autonomy Stressed.

It is very important to remember that autonomy "is one of the best things that has happened to us on the Caribbean Coast, it is a law that gives us our rights, allows us to access a different education, which strengthens our identity, whose basis is intercultural relations that is a process under construction, then, if that is so, we must celebrate it in a great way , like a party on the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast," Alta Hooker concluded.