Community management and participation

By: Neylin Calderón

This Monday began the sixth face-to-face meeting of the master's degree in Social Anthropology at URACCAN at its Bilwi university campus, where the module "Management and Community Participation" is taught, facilitated by teacher Betty Rigby, which runs until Saturday, January 25.

According to Teacher Rigby, anthropologist and sociologist this module relates to "Community management and participation, human development, leadership and mediation of conflicts, public policies, the models that have emerged on the Caribbean Coast", emphasized.

In this context, Teacher Rigby argued that the theme of human development is focused on "Security Rights, Rights with An Intercultural and Gender Approach," she stressed, adding that among the expectations for this new module is focused on sharing knowledge, some concepts of community leadership "Especially that teachers can understand how these issues of community participation and management are inserted within their areas where they are working" Rigby concluded.

Professionalization with relevance and quality

For her part, Graduate Teisey Allen, a master's student, said that these education spaces have helped her further strengthen her knowledge, just as, "Skills in the field of research, we have seen about development, globalization and its influence and are now seeing community participation and organization," he said.

Similarly, Allen assured that these professionalization processes offered by URACCAN are unique opportunities for the same officials and officials of the institution, "The university has been trying to constantly promote the spaces of continuous strengthening and training of staff, in this mastery there are several URACCAN workers who are trying to improve and fine-tune some of our skills" , concluded the teacher.