Waslala Teaching Training

By: José Garth Medina

As part of the fulfillment of the academic calendar of the University, URACCAN teachers in Waslala extension of the Las Minas Campus completed their process of Creation and Recreation of Knowledge, Knowledge and Practices in order to update their academic processes, in this way ensure a quality and relevance education according to the corresponding subjects in the academic year 2020.

According to Angela López, academic manager of URACCAN Waslala extension, the update process for teaching staff is carried out with 23 teachers, including 14 men and 9 women who will be training professionals in different areas of pedagogical knowledge.

Pedagogical Skills Update

López also said that he addressed with teaching staff, topics related to institutional regulations, educational project, academic regimen, evaluation of apprenticeships, tools used in the planning process, as well as the use and implementation of Information and Communication Techniques in the learning process.

For his part, the master Sergio Rodríguez, shared the topic of current educational trends oriented in the constructive approach where all processes must be based on learning.

In addition, Efraín Rayo Espinales, English teacher at URACCAN Waslala, said that by meeting with teachers from different areas it allows them to see the perspectives that exist and how students progress based on learning, "The exchange of experience leaves very significant and motivating results because we are seeing the institutional perspective and social concern to continue in the improvement process" , emphasized the teacher.

Experience-sharing processes

Meanwhile, professor Lucrecia Osegueda Lanzas, said that these spaces of sharing knowledge and knowledge strengthen the processes of sharing learning with students, "We are preparing students for life which is fundamental, but the topic of interculturality that is practiced and lived in URACCAN is much more interesting," he said.

Faced with this, The Ph.D. Leonor Ruiz Calderón, harmoniously shared with waslala's teachers and urged that he be continuously preparing to be able to transmit these knowledges and knowledge to the men and women of Waslala and the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua.

URACCAN within its Intercultural Community model establishes in its strategic planning processes of updating knowledge and practices with its teaching staff that allows them to move forward and be updated with the new trends of Higher Education.