Civil and Agroforestry Engineering students participated

By: Neylin Calderón

The area of Science, Technology and Environment held student assembly with students of the first through the 5th year of URACCAN's Civil Engineering and Agroforestry Engineering careers in its Bilwi Campus, with the aim of sharing the institutional work, the philosophy of this house of higher education, but also to provide a malaria prevention talk , a disease that is affecting a high percentage of the population of this Northern Caribbean city.

Faced with this, the master's degree Noé Guadamúz, coordinator of the area stated that "the idea is to give students information about some actions and activities that we will carry out in this semester, share and remember those regulations, those regulations that they must manage in order to be able to perform properly as students".

Malaria Education Talk

Similarly, the Serafina Espinoza master's degree, director of the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC), was invited to provide a preventive talk on malaria.

Students listened carefully to the guidance provided by the Espinoza master's degree, who urged the student community to carry out malaria prevention actions, "this is part of promoting better health for our students, taking care of them and who mainly know about the disease," Espinoza revealed.

In addition, Espinoza emphasized the university's concern in malaria prevention "mainly in this municipality of Puerto Cabezas malaria is affecting us greatly and our students are not left out, here have come several positive cases, our responsibility is to promote the use of the mosquito net and tell them to replicate the information and to implement all preventive measures" Said.

Knowing institutional philosophy

While student William Orozco Restrepo, student president of the Civil Engineering career said that these assemblies are important to the student because that way all the institutional work is known, starting from philosophy and internal regulations, "I was struck by the environmental awareness work that the university has, for me it is very good, it is a university that has an environmental goal of mutual benefit , I wish all universities had that spirit of belonging for the environment," the student said.

In addition, Orozco emphasized the intercultural approach that is practiced day by day in university, "I have seen that they are not words are facts, the practice of interculturality in our university is very good, here we speak in any language, no one criticizes anyone, all the members of the peoples, their customs nobody criticizes them, it looks normal, we share the knowledge , many cultural experiences, beliefs, interculturality is practical and very nice," he said.