URACCAN Bluefields psychologists contribute to teaching emotional stability
Young student of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, on an emotional support visit to one of his teachers.
Josselyn Flores

Teacher awareness and emotional support dynamics

Students of the second year of the Bachelor of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of URACCAN Bluefields campus, within the framework of the subject Community Practices, taught by the teacher Witnee Bree Carson, performed a dynamic of emotional awareness for the teachers of this institution, due to the stress that has caused the current health context.

According to Witnee, this activity sought to motivate teachers through messages written in letters, where students expressed their feelings and admiration for them, along with some stress management tips.

"We know that we are in a critical situation with this global pandemic and as teachers and workers just as students we feel worried and stressed, but in the midst of this whole situation, our URACCAN psychologists try to remind us to stay calm through productive messages," the psychology teacher explained.

Carson argued that "this initiative we take is important because in this way students continue to carry out their community practices, which were done in the different neighborhoods, but that due to the emergency situation it was decided to safeguard them and work within the premises with each of the established prevention measures".

Results achieved successfully

Teacher Bree Carson stated that the results obtained are satisfactory, as each teacher visited showed the recruitment of the boys' work with joy and positivism.

The goal of the class is to share this activity each week, helping staff manage stress in these critical times.

"We will not only do this activity this time, but we will work on messages during each week to contribute a grain of sand to the emotional state of each of them," she said

Likewise, the group of psychologists led by Witnee, will continue to innovate to reach the university community and thus provide with a thoughtful and supportive message that contributes to the emotional stability of each person who is part of this university family, motivating us to continue to strive in their daily tasks and the commitment to contribute to higher education.