They provide TV and photography workshop to Bluefields Intercultural Communication Team
Photography practices were carried out in the natural spaces of the university campus.
José Garth Medina

Strengthening communication skills and abilities

The URACCAN Intercultural Communication Team Bluefields venue was trained through a television and photography workshop, taught by master Luis Reyes Urbina and cameraman Byron Larios, officials of the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI-URACCAN).

The main objective of the workshop is to strengthen the capacities and skills of journalistic coverage for the visibility of the academic work of the Bluefields campus. In this way, quality is ensured in productions from this territory, which is important for our university, as released by the Gilberto Ariel Artola García master's degree, director of the Institute of Intercultural Communication of URACCAN.

The master's degree Luis Reyes Urbina, coordinator of the Intercultural Community Channel of URACCAN in Bilwi, said that the course contains topics related to photography and television production, depending on the Institutional Mission and Vision, and the application of the approach of intercultural communication and gender perspective, fundamental to URACCAN.

Byron Larios, audiovisual editor of ICI-URACCAN, explained that the importance of photography for the image in any written note is the same as for television, therefore the theme of making good shots and the good use of sound is vital for the taking of informational resources.

Josselyn Flores, URACCAN's broadcaster at Bluefields, said the workshop was very important, because it guides them on camera use and how to take good photos for publications, as well as the television workshop, which have the same principles and are part of the coverage for academic and community activities promoted by this university.

At the end of the workshop, participants undertook to apply the tools acquired in the facilities' visibility processes. URACCAN, as a Higher Education institution on the Caribbean Coast, develops workshops and refresher courses for its teams in the different areas of knowledge.