Professionals committed to regional development: Semblance of a miskite professional from URACCAN
Erika: "I grew up in an environment where my stepfather was Creole and spoke to his children in his Creole English. I was like, someday I'm going to learn too."
Neylin Calderon

Highlighting the early academic steps of Erika Balladares Wilson

Erika Yolanda Balladares Wilson is a young Miskita indian, originally from the Awas Tara community. Since starting her studies, she has struggled to be a good student and a great professional. She holds a degree in Administrative Informatics and, so far, is the best student with an average of 95% in the first semester of the second year of the Bachelor of Education Sciences with mention in English, in URACCAN Bilwi enclosure.

Balladares Wilson studied his first three years of primary education at corazón del Muelle School, and from fourth to sixth grade at the Rigoberto Cabezas School Center, popularly known in Bilwi as La Pública, while his secondary education studies were at the Instituto Nacional Hermanos Costeños (INHCO).

During her study of the third year of high school, in order to become more professionalized, at night, Erika decided to enter a course lasting three years, to be executive secretary, which at that time offered the Bartolomé Colón National Institute of Technology, bilwi, which managed to finish in 2007.

His walk through higher education at URACCAN

In 2008, Erika decided to enter higher education. "I was afraid to come to college because I didn't feel able to, so I lost almost a year of college because I finished in 2006; all 2007 I did not study and with fear I came in 2008 to pass the Propedeutic Course, already with all those interviews, I was lost my nerves, and for me it was such a great emotion when I was classified in the list of those selected in Administrative Informatics", narrated Balladares.

The young woman recounted that since she was in high school, she stayed practicing on some computers that the school where she was studying, so when she decided to go to college, she certainly thought that her vocational passion corresponded to the computer career, in addition because everything that is currently handled is related to the advancement of technology.

In 2011, he graduated from the career, immediately completed the monograph and earned his Bachelor's degree in Administrative Informatics at the Bilwi campus, however, his studies in higher education were not there, in 2019, URACCAN on the Bilwi university campus, offered for the first time the Bachelor of Education Sciences with mention in English, where Balladares Wilson took it as an opportunity to overcome his studies , in this way learn a new language that will strengthen your professional knowledge.

In 2020, the name Erika Yolanda Balladares Wilson can be found in the exhibition mural, where it is exhibited that she is the best student, with an average of 95% in the English career. Faced with this, the student said it was an educational passion she had always wanted to fulfill. "I grew up in an environment where my stepfather was Creole, so my stepfather had his children and my mom also, so when my stepfather spoke to his children in his Creole English, I just kept listening, how rich he talks, I said, someday I'm going to learn too," he said.

"It's a big challenge for me, because it's not just that you show up in excellence or have your degree, but it's a big challenge because you're going to be able to communicate, you can speak that language," she said.

Professionalized human talents at the same university

In 2013, Balladares began formally working in the academic registration area of the venue, but previously, since 2011, she had been hired seasonally to impersonate those in charge of this area, because the two girls were in the process of pregnancy.

It is worth mentioning that Erika became a university official, when this study house began working with the formats through the University Management System (SGU) and, from the campus, requested support from a person specialized in these computer matters and in this way, Balladares Wilson becomes the assistant in Academic Registry.

URACCAN is characterized by attracting its human talents who have been professionalized in this house of intercultural higher education, this with the purpose of fulfilling the Mission and Vision, where it is committed to the training of men and women who contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.