They present proposal to professionalize empirical teachers from Prinzapolka
The vice-chancellor of the Las Minas compound submits the project to the regional authorities.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

In the municipality, 78% of teachers are empirical

URACCAN, from its Las Minas campus, in articulation with the Mayor of Prinzapolka and the Regional Council aim to professionalize the empirical teachers of the territory, who work mostly in the primary and secondary school of the Ministry of Education (MINED).

It should be noted that URACCAN Las Minas currently has the recognition of the entire population and the main authorities of the municipality.

La PhD. Leonor Ruiz Calderón, vice-chancellor of this campus, indicated that "Prinzapolka has 78% empirical teachers and this raises the quality of education of future professionals; that is why we are always making the effort within the framework of the community university model, as well as strengthening the Regional Autonomous Education System and bilingual intercultural education."

The staff member noted that they will work around the training of teachers who respond to two characteristics: on the one hand, to the necessary specialties for the basic subjects, such as Mathematics, Spanish and Pedagogy; and on the other hand, that respond to the pedagogical and methodological needs that the new educational model today requires, which consists of having staff trained in education in intercultural contexts.

Feeling from the municipal authorities about URACCAN's proposal

The Msc. Carlos Alemán, coordinator of the Regional Government, said that these proposals strengthen the relationship that exists with the University, because "the idea of this project is to improve the quality of education, we will work the proposal in July so that in August these courses are already implemented, the opportunity is not only for empirical teachers, but for all those who have the vocation to professionalize".

Prinzapolka Mayor Prodelina Bobb said this project is an excellent opportunity for families to professionalize, as "this is only a start with teachers, but our goal is for URACCAN to open an extension in Prinzapolka," she emphasized.

For her part, Emilse Vanegas, president of the Regional Council of the North Caribbean Coast, thanked the university for this proposal, as Prinzapolka needs to improve education. "There are people who have the ability to leave the municipality to study, but most cannot and have the interest of getting ahead, so we have coordinated with URACCAN, to pay for the need of the inhabitants of Prinzapolka," he added.

This project proposal coincides with a new context, where the National Education Plan 2017-2021 and the Regional Regional Regional Education System (SEAR) are in a process of improvement for educational quality and its transformation from an identity approach.