Commission of Inquiry delegates meet to plan agenda for this 2020

By: Paul Bermúdez

The Director of Research and Postgraduate of URACCAN, master's degree Francisco Pereira, and the 4 coordinators of research of the campuses, Bilwi, master Rosa Aura Palacios, las Minas, Carolina Blanco Marchena master's degree, New Guinea, Wilson Calero and

Bluefields, master's degree Neydi Gutierrez, held the first meeting at the Liaison Offices, in Managua, to plan research activities for this year 2020.

Pereira stressed that, the committee of inquiry is the ultimate instance for decision-making and operation in the research process, he also said that this was the first working session of the year.

He added that, "the spaces of appropriation we will be working in each enclosure and one in each extension, every year at the university we hold in October the student scientific day, where students, share the main results of the research", he mentioned.

Likewise, they organize the interuniversiate student scientific day, in which the students of the 4 enclosures converge in a territory, while not mentioning the long-awaited scientific day of teachers they call (Sam Pitts), where teachers from the 4 enclosures also meet.

The race coordinators of the venues, participate with the aim of unifying the functioning of the commissions and the participation of investigations, where we partner and see how the functioning of the commissions is carried out in each enclosure, in order that the research coordinators know how the other venues work and that they resume good practices . , the specialist highlighted.