Opening of the propedeutic course in URACCAN Bluefields venue
Students participate in the Propedeutic Course at URACCAN Bluefields Campus
Students participate in the Propedeutic Course at URACCAN Bluefields Campus
Josselyn Flores

Enthusiasm, expectations and intercultural education

With enthusiasm and high expectations, young high schoolers from the city of Bluefields and surrounding communities, opened the 2021 school year, starting the training process with the propedeutic course at URACCAN Bluefields venue.

To ensure this process, authorities and teachers formulated a plan of recruitment and attention, in order to receive the new student and offer a quality intercultural higher education.

In this regard, Teacher Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of the campus, explained that "we as a university since December 2020 started with preparations for the care of our students throughout this month of January," she explained.

Training for the 2021 educational process

"Among the academic processes we are organizing teacher training, so that we can work with those young people will be part of this new semester; with this we consolidate the knowledge of our teachers with students and, in this way, improve the teaching-learning processes", he detailed.

In addition, it is worth noting that the course is being offered in three shifts, in the regular, morning and evening modality, as well as Sabatin and Sunday, in order to move forward consistently.

Strategies to continue to capture students.

Also, as part of the recruitment plan that is implemented in the venue, the authorities continue to share information to the population, making the academic offer known, so it has coordinated with the Institute for Intercultural Communication (ICI-URACCAN).

In this context, since URACCAN Bluefields Radio and Disclosure has been carried out with actions that contemplate the creation of audiovisual spots and radio vignettes, used in parakeets through the city and shared through local radios, improving the reach of the audience.

Finally, teacher Heidi invited those young people who have not yet enrolled to approach the premises, in the academic registration offices, and proceed with registration and pre-enrollment.