Official launch of the UNESCO Chair from the pages of "URACCAN a day"
Cover of the magazine, corresponding to the months of July to September 2019.
Ricardo Guzmán

The reader will be able to experience, through 36 great articles, the whole walk of this community university.

Volume 15 of "URACCAN per day" goes down the path undertaken by URACCAN for 25 years and the achievements it has achieved, as well as the challenges and challenges that have been presented to it, and above all that has been triumphant, thanks to its philosophy of life rooted in collective consensus, alliances and strategic trusts, in its intercultural fabrics and in the spirituality of the peoples who have accompanied its institutional growth.

In this sense, issue No. 3, corresponding to the months of July to September 2019, begins by recounting the recognition made by the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) to Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, who was awarded the Francisco Morazán Order and Decoration in Gran Cruz Degree "for her outstanding track record and high academic merits for indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples" , the declaration reads.

In addition to the above, this publication also highlights the accreditation processes of undergraduate programs with intercultural criteria and indicators, through an agreement between URACCAN, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (CNEA), under the auspices of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), and the technical accompaniment of the Central American University Higher Council (CSUCA).

Among the great events that URACCAN participated in in 2019 is the launch of the UNESCO Chair, which emerges as a need to promote diversity, the richness of peoples, interculturality and foster spaces of sharing and dialogue on an equal footing, where all can be part of development processes with identity.

These spaces are the result of an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which aims to advance and improve the development of higher education research, training and development programmes, through the construction of university networks and the promotion of inter-university cooperation to promote diversity.

The master lecture on the launch of the Unesco Chair was held by Dr. Francisco Tamarit, former rector of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, and general coordinator of the Regional Conference of Higher Education (CRES 2018).

All this and much more the reader will find in the pages of volume 15 of "URACCAN a day", which full of pride and motivation to this university, which is a national and international reference in intercultural higher education, recognized by indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples as its heritage.

Throughout 36 great articles, the reader will be able to experience the triumphs and challenges of URACCAN in his walk.