View of authorities at Laboratorio Natural Los Laureles, Siuna campús, in the Las Minas Campus.

By: José Garth Medina

The authorities of URACCAN from their highest decision-making body such as the University Council that will meet in Siuna, visited on the morning of Mars the Natural Laboratory Los laureles, located 20 kilometers from the city of Siuna, of the Las Minas Campus, where a series of research and practical classes have been developed and is now preparing to be a resort in the North Caribbean.

The master's degree Yuri Zapata Webb, Vice-Chancellor General and member of the University Council of URACCAN said that URACCAN in its development of Intercultural Community University, defined the existence of natural laboratories, to develop and promote learning spaces, spaces of harmonious coexistence with Mother Nature.

Referring to the ecotourism trail Los Laureles said that this is one of the learning teaching processes where a series of research is done on birds, wildlife, but it is also where teachers, students, wise and wise interact, in coexistence with Mother Earth.

The master's degree Concepción Urbina Dávila, administrative representative at the University Council, and native to New Guinea, said that the Natural Laboratory "Los Laureles" is an extraordinary place, there is diversity of animals, birds and most importantly different types of wood trees of great value that are not in the rest of the country.

Enrique Cordón, Ph.D., vice-chancellor of URACCAN in Bilwi, said that in URACCAN there are five Natural Laboratories in the territories, which are spaces that were visioned in order to give way to the academic curriculum of this university, "here is articulated practice with theory and is what could be seen exactly on the path "Los Laureles", on the route of 1.5 kilometers through the humid tropical forest" Said.

Space to get to know nature

On the tour you can see birds, the fauna that is study material is a learning space where students learn, but also learn teachers.

For the student representative of Bluefields Virginia Aragon, the laboratory is excellent because it allows us to know the species and trees that are available in the region, "those of us from another enclosure can know well the development that we have in the other territories, with productivity", he observed.

Rector highlights advances in the laboratory

The rector of URACCAN Dr. Alta Hooker said she found the growth of the natural laboratory phenomenal, as you can see different fruits, wood trees, but she has been more impressed by the amount of work that is in the practices of the students.

The rector of URACCAN said that the laboratory is a natural beauty, recently declared by the authoritative as a resort.

The rector knew about the development of the beekeeping program, for honey production, which runs in this natural laboratory, but also the diversity of fruit plantations that exist and the proper management of livestock.

"You can see the walk of this laboratory and you can see the love that teachers have for the students and the authorships of the territory and really for that I congratulate them," concluded Rector Hooker Blandford.

About Natural Laboratories

URACCAN Natural Laboratories are learning spaces where knowledge is created and recreated, URACCAN's pedagogical model is applied where the endogenous and exogenous knowledge that involves the wise and wise are gathered, but also teachers in the constant search for good living and living with dignity of our peoples on the Caribbean Coast.