Third generation in Senior Technician, ready to grasp theory, and later go into practice

By. Josselyn Flores

As part of the training processes, URACCAN teachers, through the area of Education and Language Sciences, began the first meeting of the Senior Technician in Physical Education and Sports.

For the teacher Marbella Jirón, Coordinator of the area, it is satisfactory to have re-opened the career that has been offered since 2016, and this year 2020, with a number of 33 students the third generation of this technician was born and the one expected to conclude in 2023.

As part of the subjects students received practical basic gymnastics classes, taught by Mr. Eynis Fletes, regional technician of physical education and sports, from the Ministry of Education, according to Jirón this is part of the educational process of this course, which is taught in the classroom is done in the field.

"That's what we in college treat students receive theory and practice; in the previous class they saw what is the history of gymnastics, and the different training techniques, for now to exercise and do what they learned." Point

In the same sense, the teacher of the subject, Mr. Fletes, refers to the importance of this subject for the learning and training of his students. "This class is essential, because it will teach them the methodology of all the exercises and development of physical abilities, which will work throughout the race, in the same way as all the terminologies that will work from the elements to be developed, among them the different games, recreational and sports activities.

Fletes stated that, "it is necessary for future teachers in sport to be able to grasp the theory and research on a scientific level what they need to go into practice after that."

As part of the activities developed in the class, they performed different games that aim to highlight the motor skills, the teacher noted. 

According to the area coordinator, the meetings take place the last week of each month, at the Bluefields venue.