MINSA and URACCAN Las Minas hold health day
First medical day of this year, 2020.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

URACCAN in its Las Minas campus and the Ministry of Health continue to provide comprehensive health services to the university community, through medical days.

Laura López Polanco, Hygiene and Job Safety Technique of this institution, said this is the first medical day of the year, since in previous years the university has been working in coordination with MINSA so that workers and students have a better quality of life.

"Institutional medical days are opportunities for us to improve health, they have always been fruitful because the worker is satisfied," Lopez said.

The day covered attention in general consultation, assessment of hypertensive people, vaccines (against influenza and pneumococcal), rapid sample of HIV, malaria and coarse gout; pap's realization; there was also physical therapy for people with joint pain.

Dr. Denia Ordóñez argued that this university's relations with the Ministry of Health are very good, as both institutions work in an organized manner to provide quality care to the university community.