Learning communities hold ninth Bilwi Campus Technical Council
35 teachers from the Bilwi campus are being part of the Virtual Teaching Course, as a way to continue strengthening the guild's capabilities.
Neylin Calderon

Themes that strengthen in the walk of the institution

On Monday, learning communities at URACCAN Bilwi campus were in session at the ninth Technical Council, where they defined the student recruitment plan for this 2020 school year, among other topics of interest to the university community.

This session, as usual, began with the reflection of the Mission and Vision of the university, where each participant had the opportunity to express their feelings and manifest how from each area of work institutional philosophy is being implemented; In addition, the deputy chancellor of the venue emphasized continuing to comply with the security protocol before COVID-19.

Teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of the campus, highlighted that since the efforts of the Rectory of URACCAN, 35 teachers of the Bilwi campus are being participants of the Virtual Teaching Course, as a way to continue strengthening the capacities of the teaching guild and thus providing better educational services, with quality and relevance in the region.

Student recruitment plan

McLean said that from this compound mechanisms are being sloping to capture around 700 new students, to be part of this large family of URACCAN, both in the Bilwi enclosure and in the Waspam extension. For this, from each educational area we are working on a student recruitment plan that will be put into effect in the coming weeks.

One of the main activities that will be carried out from this venue is the Vocational Fair, which is in anticipation to be done on the municipal court of Bilwi. The previous years were held on the court of the enclosure, but now, with the theme of the pandemic, it is intended to have more space, so that the student has the opportunity to meet the physical estating.

"We will organize the visit to schools by groups, so as not to crowd so many people with the theme of prevention measures (...), where students (from high school) will be given the academic offer; In addition, URACCAN offers scholarships and we will promote this benefit that students have, also seeing all the benefits that the university has, starting with the teaching staff with abilities; with PhDs, master's degrees, that is, our teachers are trained," McLean argued.