For more pleasant recreation spaces

By: Judith Robleto

URACCAN, in its University Campus New Guinea, has been characterized by maintaining green spaces and gardens with species typical of the region; cared for by the same employees of the compound.

On this occasion the study of 1st, and 3rd year of accounting, as well as 4th administration, have taken the initiative, under the coordination of the teacher Haydee Martínez, to carry out ornamentation actions in the enclosure.

According to teacher Martínez "That project was born within the framework of the subject of cost accounting III, in the third year of accounting, with the purpose is to beautify the enclosure and generate a pleasant and harmonious environment to the educational community, but also to carry out a course work and be able to determine unit costs per established garden space and total cost of the project , in addition to determining and accounting for estimated costs with actual production costs," she said.

Joint support

The project is also being supported by the administrative guild, who have held days of planting and cleaning gardens and on this occasion contributing financially to the project.  

Martínez says that "to carry out the project was required from 4 sources to finance it: the first was to request a voluntary contribution in different class groups of accounting, administration and also collaboration to the administrative and teaching staff, the second source was the realization of a raffle, the third group sales with students of the 3rd year of accounting and 4th the donations of some products that we have required and in addition to transport" Explained.

At the end of the resource capture phase, the largest implementation of the project, which is the purchase and planting of ornamental plants, will continue; what is expected to be achieved in the coming days of October.