They hold fumigation day at URACCAN Bilwi venue
Fumigation day at URACCAN Bilwi enclosure
Fumigation day at URACCAN Bilwi enclosure
Neylin Calderon

Coordinations that help the university institution

This Friday, January 08, URACCAN, through the Hygiene and Safety area of the Bilwi campus, in coordination with the Ministry of Health (Minsa) conducted a day of fumigation on the university campus, with the aim of avoiding vector diseases and maintaining the appropriate conditions for the arrival of the student community in this new school year 2021.

According to teacher Ivania Padilla, responsible for the area of Hygiene and Institutional Safety, after the passage of the two hurricanes, malaria cases, caused by stored garbage and contaminations in the streams, streams and new stilt hatcheries, have increased; therefore, as a university, coordinations continue with the Minsa, to carry out these days of sanitization.

"Soon we will have the opening of 2021, and we want students to feel good, both the students and the staff that we are working in the university campus," Padilla explained.

For her part, Mr. Tatiana Nihimaya, representative of the Polyclinic "Ernesto Ray Hodgson", explained that from the Ministry of Health they are carrying out fumigation to avoid diseases such as Zika, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and other diseases. This activity takes place in the 36 neighborhoods of the city of Bilwi, schools and universities.

Preventive measures against vector diseases

Finally, Nihimaya and Padilla emphasized the importance of cleanliness, to prevent the spread of viruses that spread these diseases. "Even if we're fumigating, without cleanliness, if the population doesn't cooperate with us, we don't do anything," Tatiana Nihimaya argued.

"Let us take all the preventive measures that the Ministry of Health is giving us, both measures before covid-19, the use of the mask, the use of alcohol, keeping the distance; are basic things that we must always keep, because we are not yet free of this pandemic. We must also prepare for malaria with the use of mosquito net, cleaning and disposal of hatcheries," concluded Padilla.