Learning in the field

By: Neylin Calderón

As part of the celebration of the XXV Anniversary of the URACCAN, the area of Science, Technology and Environment is responsible for the construction of the facade of the entrance to the URACCAN Bilwi enclosure, this time the turn was for the first year students of the Civil Engineering career.

The first stage of the project involves making the pits for the foundation shoes, which will have a square meter of area and depth 1.50 meters, the strokes and at levelings, in addition to preparing the steel tools; this is up to the students of the first year of civil engineering; depending on the stages and complexity of the construction, the years of the race change, it started on Tuesday with the first year and the fifth year will end.

Teaching-learning in the field

ConstructionAccording to Professor Marcos Vigil, professor of Civil Engineering, the initiative to include students is excellent because academic training is not only theory, but also practice, "then, the university by giving confidence to this guy to students, the message he is giving is that the quality of student training is excellent" Highlighted.

For his part, student William Orozco, said that working hand in hand with his classmates and teachers is "a more innovative project, because we are freshman year, we are just starting the second semester, we already went on a field tour to practice to Moss, only with the start of 6 months and I think for the commission of the race we started well because I think the field tours are given after the second year and this time we started since the first year we are starting the second semester and we are already with practices on the ground, as a project is started," he emphasized.

URACCAN being the first Intercultural Community University aims at an education with quality and relevance, bringing the traditional teaching of being only on four walls to practice in the field, in this way students strengthen their knowledge and transform their learnings under the model of intercultural communities.