IMTRADEC and CUR of the Bluefields venue, in briefing
THE director of SILAIS at RACCS, Janeth López, presenting a report on the current situation of COVID-19.
Josselyn Flores

Authorities urged not to let their guard down in front of the coronavirus

The Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC) of the Bluefields campus held an informative assembly with members of the University Campus Council (CUR) and members of institutional commissions working for the health of the entire university community.

This session released the current health situation in the region and the approach that MINSA continues to carry out in the face of the pandemic; continued continuation was also guided by each of the established prevention measures.

To this end, SILAIS director Janeth López, who stated that "we have shared information on the strategies that the Ministry of Health has put in place so that the epidemic is currently in relative calm, but in ensuring prevention measures, that we cannot let our guard down to this peace of mind".

Lopez also explained that "it should be noted that risk factors are present, so we continue to encourage them as a higher education institution to continue promoting hand washing, mask use, estating and all the protocol that is handled to reduce contagion."

Intercultural health

The MSc. Grace Kelly said that since IMTRADEC "we have been working in conjunction with MINSA, and promoting what intercultural health is, which involves prevention and accompaniment in health processes."

"That accompaniment," the teacher added, "we have been working on changes in attitudes and behaviors with the university community, urging us to take the same responsibility for the situation we are currently facing."

In this regard, the teacher explained that compliance with health regulations has been ensured from campus.

"The entire instrument has been guaranteed to strengthen our health protocol, they have been located in strategic lavamanos points, so that all staff and students make use of them," concluded the COORDINATOR of IMTRADEC.