Commemorating momentous anniversaries for the region

By: Keydi Bent

In commemoration of the 32 years of the enactment of the Autonomy Act and the 25 years the URACCAN, various activities are carried out with the Government and the Regional Council, taking place the third regular session of the first legislative period 2019–2024 in the city of Bilwi, municipality of Puerto Cabezas – RACCN, with the presentation "XXV Anniversary of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Coast-URACCAN".

During this activity, the National Council of Universities (UNC), Higher University Council of the American Center (CSUCA), among other international guests, was included in order to share chores, chores, feelings and desires.

During her speeches, Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN and Dr. Ramona Rodríguez, president of the UNC, mentioned that URACCAN is the daughter of autonomy, responding to the principles of the Regional Regional Regional Education System (SEAR), that is, that all the work of this house of higher education, is based "Precisely on the regional educational model, where the idea is to respect and protect the right of men , women and children of the Caribbean Coast," said Rector Hooker.

"For us, as a National Council of Universities, being at URACCAN is an opportunity, because many of us are the first time and we are pleased to be sharing the 32 years of Autonomy, 32 years of achievements of satisfactions fighting for the improvement of the people of the Caribbean Coast and also being with you sharing the 25 years of URACCAN University , daughter of autonomy, because 7 years later it is founded; that's very emotional for us to be with you celebrating these anniversaries, because they're also moments of knowing how far we've come but how many accomplishments you have." Dr. Ramona Rodríguez concluded.