Celebrating 25 years of the institution

By: José Garth Medina

URACCAN students from the different venues and extensions presented varied products, as part of the day of celebration of the 25 years of founding of URACCAN and the 32 years of Autonomy of the Caribbean Coast.

During this fair, URACCAN's productions were exhibited, such as the journal Science and Interculturality, Caribbean, URACCAN al-Day, monographs, master's thesis, among a large number of books that are part of what URACCAN libraries on the Caribbean Coast offer, according to Ruth Ellis Richardson, library assistant at URACCAN Bilwi.

In addition, Ellis explained that photographic memoirs of the peace process that gave way to Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast Autonomy project, which was signed in Yulu, capital of peace, as well as historical photographs of the formation of the Bilwi university campus, were being presented.

Various presentations

Psychology students from URACCAN Bilwi carried out their projects in the marketing and entrepreneurship class that consisted of the development of products based on recyclable material and waste from coconut peel and jewelry.

In addition, products from natural laboratories and their operating processes were presented, as well as gastronomic, cultural and artistic presentations that put flavor and color to this celebration.