URACCAN's 20th Anniversary Opening Act

By: Lazarus Figueroa

In the auditorium of the URACCAN Bilwi University, the opening ceremony was held in celebration of the XXV Anniversary of this house of higher education, where the members of the university board of URACCAN, authorities of the member universities of the National Council of Universities (UNC), authorities of the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation (CNEA), Authorities of the Central American University Higher Council (CSUCA) were attended , representatives of the Network of Indigenous, Intercultural and Community Universities of Abya Yala (RUIICAY), coordinator of the Autonomous Regional Government of the North Caribbean Coast (Graccn), among others and other international and national representations.

The welcome to those present was led by Ph.D. Enrique Cordón, vice-chancellor of the URACCAN Bilwi Campus, who emphasized the celebration of the 25 years of URACCAN, "We are celebrating the 32 years of the implementation of the Regional Autonomy project, a political project that gave rise to our study house, a project that had its fruits with URACCAN , as the daughter of Regional Autonomy, today as we celebrate a new anniversary we have much to thank God our creator, our authorities for administrative staff and students," she said.

Advances in your walk

In his allocution, the academic commented that URACCAN, in its 25 years, has given the company more than 9 thousand professionals in the different disciplines, "We want to continue to have an average of 7 thousand students per year, they contribute to make this educational project possible, the commitment of URACCAN is to continue to train men and women with quality for the strengthening of the process of regional autonomy , in preserving and deepening the principles and values that should inspire every human being, the cultivation of knowledge innovation, love, overcoming, free expression, pluralism and non-discrimination, are very fundamental elements that are part of our principles and values as an intercultural community university," he said.

In addition, the vice-chancellor explained that a very momentous aspect of this celebration is to share and thank one of the great conquests of the regional regional process, Intercultural Community Higher Education, "Which concretes one of the greatest challenges of Higher Education in Latin America, posed in the reform of Cordoba, the articulation with the demands and priorities of society at the service of indigenous peoples and communities , Afro-descendants and mestizos of the Nicaraguan Caribbean, in correspondence with their rights longing dreams and life projects," he said.

Finally, Cordón invited all the friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters who have accompanied during these 25 years, "They continue to support, accompany and strengthen us, in this university is strengthened every day, studied, thought, researched, fought, but also in this great family of URACCAN, is loved; here we all love each other very much and that is the fundamental basis of knowing how to work, knowing how to get along and knowing how to lead a quality education", culminated.