Complementarity between students and teachers

By: Neylin Calderón

The URACCAN from its institutional philosophy recognizes the skills and talents that each student has and of course the faculty, that is why these knowledges and knowledge are strengthened from the classrooms, in addition in search of harmonization with Mother Nature are recreated by giving outdoor workshops, in this way we seek complementarity between students and teachers , as in the case of the career of Psychology in multicultural contexts of URACCAN Bilwi enclosure.

In this sense, Professor Jeymi Bordas who teaches the class of General Psychology II to students of the first year of the career of Psychology in multicultural contexts in the URACCAN Bilwi campus, held a self-care workshop, this was done because "since it has already passed the first semester and there was quite a load with the students and as a way to distract them and relax for a while" Bordas argued.

The main idea of doing so on the premises of the campus is because that way you get out of the routine, in addition to continuing with teaching-learning in and out of the classrooms, "get to know students more because we are preparing them to be health professionals and not only in the academic part, but also to upset those emotions with them , those possible traumas that they bring and in one way or another offer good professionals," she said.

Activities carried out

Among the activities they carried out was self-concentration, through a dynamic that consists of memorizing the body parts, in the same way, another of the dynamics was non-distraction through multiple numbers, students managed to concentrate and not fall into the sanctions imposed on the dynamics.

Similarly, at the end of the workshop they made a small life, where the same students brought preparations to taste as a family.