Guild bridges on the Las Lianas trail
Rustic and deteriorated bridge of the Natural Laboratory of URACCAN New Guinea.
Judith Robleto

"Unity makes strength." This popular maxim is realized in the joint effort of the students of Agroforestry Engineering, Business Administration and Civil Engineering of URACCAN New Guinea, who started this week the construction of six bridges on the Las Lianas trail of the Natural Laboratory of this enclosure.

This project is driven by students from Business Administration and Agroforestry Engineering, who had been working in this laboratory, with their creativity and resources. However, they encountered an accessibility issue to the trail. Both groups, aware of scientific and humanistic complementarity, sought support in Civil Engineering, receiving a positive echo immediately.

The architect Mario Lima, professor of Civil Engineering, assures that the activity has the "purpose of the boys learning methods and strategies to assemble iron, make mixture, curing concrete, how concrete should work and manipulate steel; this as part of practice in the material and concrete resistance class."

In addition to the beautification of the path, "the student is striving; boys and girls are learning and they're happy because they're in the field, doing what they like," the teacher mused.

For her part, the teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the campus, visited the group of students, creating that "this is a super good initiative, because it is for many years and will give an enhance to the path that is designed for tourism".

An entrepreneurial look, a legacy

Jonathan García, a third-year student in Civil Engineering, recounted what they have so far managed to do with their teacher and colleagues: "In 7 meetings we have held the La Chompipa bridge; we now work on the posters and poles of the entrance; we still need five more bridges."

The young Anielka Zavala, of the same year and career, said that "this shows us that we do not need to go that long to perform career internships and more that we leave a contribution to the university and we can correct mistakes with the accompaniment of our teachers and thus be better professionals".

The realization of the Las Lianas trail was the initiative of the master Arsenio López (q.e.p.d) and the fifth year of Agroforestry Engineering (generation 2012-2016), who in 2016 gave the authorities of the enclosure the project of this path, which has been gradually maintained with the collaboration of class groups, teachers and authorities, so that in the future it will be presented as a tourist space where walks can be made and lived harmoniously with Mother Earth.