Bilwi Campus Administrative Guild Receives Masks
Administrative guild staff, receiving masks to prevent coronavirus.
Neylin Calderon

Preventive measures against respiratory diseases

URACCAN, concerned about the well-being of its officials and civil servants, has taken security measures in its 4 enclosures and 4 extensions. Therefore, on Wednesday, May 20, representatives of the administrative guild of the Bilwi venue gave masks to each of its members.

The MSc. Ivania Padilla, representative of that guild, assured that these processes are being contributed to coVID-19 prevention measures, which are being implemented accountably within the university institution. "Therefore, from the guild we contribute to give masks to the administrative staff, to make use of it, in the work spaces," she said.

It should be mentioned that the Bilwi compound has a total of 90 workers belonging to the administrative guild, "for now two masks are being guaranteed per person", Padilla said, adding that, officials and officials have taken this donation as a positive thing, because they help the prevention and protection of their health.

"All staff have consciously taken preventive measures, because within the university the authorities have been giving briefings where they are shared with those preventive processes that we must have as workers inside and outside the premises," concluded Teacher Ivania Padilla.