First fair of the security protocol before COVID-19
Safety protocol fair before COVID-19
Safety protocol fair before COVID-19
Josselyn Flores

Information and accompaniment spaces

Within the framework of the actions established in the Security Protocol, promoted by this house of intercultural higher education, under the timely accompaniment of the rector, Dr. Alta Hooker, actions have been being worked on to ensure the proper care of the university community.

Therefore, the Risk Management Commission and the Area of Hygiene and Labour Safety, in coordination with the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI-URACCAN), since the outreach and the URACCAN Bluefields Radio (RUB), carried out the First Fair of the Security Protocol before the Covid-19, within the framework of the "I take care of myself and I take care of you" campaign.

Dynamic to raise awareness of the university community.

The fair took place on the outskirts of the Nora Rigby library, in the university campus, where prevention messages were shared, in addition, interventions were made to publicize the actions established in the protocol that must be fulfilled within the premises, such as mandatory use of masks, proper hand washing, among other measures recommended by the authorities.

In addition, new-income students approached to learn about the university's protocol, sharing with them about the processes and actions that have been implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, in the case of the location of sinks in different strategic points of the enclosure, the carpets to disinfect, the creation of disinfectant products from the science lab , and all rules to reduce the risk of contagion.

In addition, Ing. Katherine Flores, responsible for the area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety, reported that this activity "is an initiative to alert the population to seize these measures outside and within the premises, these activities will be carried out on an ongoing basis so that they can be constant in that accompaniment to the student population," he said.