URACCAN Economic Commission meets in extraordinary session
Extraordinary session of the URACCAN Economic Commission
Extraordinary session of the URACCAN Economic Commission
Dara Contreras

Prioritizing institutional articulation spaces, to further advance the intercultural community model

The Economic Commission of the University Council of URACCAN (CUU), responsible for ensuring good institutional economic management, managed from the rectory; held an extraordinary session, with an agenda based on three key points: the 2020 budget review, the consolidation of the 2021 budget and the articulation of the regulation on the use and operation of a smaller box or small box.

During the activity, the PhD. José Saballos, Secretary General of URACCAN, highlighted that one of the significant challenges in the management of the economic funds of this institution, has been the context that the country has faced in recent years, which has significantly affected the institutional budget, "that is a great challenge, to make the best use of resources, to achieve the institutional results that will allow us to move forward" Said.

Saballos also invited further fostering, from the model of intercultural community university, the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship, and strengthening the knowledge and knowledge of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and half-breeds, "we too as a university hope to pay, so that our country, our regions and our communities can increasingly travel with innovation and entrepreneurship to increase the riches of our communities" Highlighted.

URACCAN as part of its institutional philosophy, through these spaces of articulation, accompanies and prioritizes collective action for the development of transparency and participation of each of the actors of this institution, to guarantee and advance institutional unity and in the strengthening of the intercultural community model.