Health Fair in honor of International Nursing Day
URACCAN intercultural nurses sharing their knowledge with the university community.
Judith Robleto

Sharing knowledge and practices of traditional medicine

With the active participation of the URACCAN Intercultural Nursing student new guinea site, a Health Fair was held in commemoration of May 12, International Nursing Day.

The designated holiday takes place on the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who was a British nurse, writer and statistics, considered a precursor to modern professional nursing and creator of the first conceptual model of nursing.

In this sense, URACCAN, based on its model of Intercultural Community University, also recognizes the knowledge and practices of traditional medicine, incorporating them into its health training program.

According to teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the venue, "this fair is always promoted for this date and what is done is very relevant to the university community and to the people in general, because it is a space where the intercultural medicine is presented".

For the show Sandra Pérez, race coordinator on this campus, "despite the crisis we are going through, we did not want to overlook this important date, recognizing that nurses and nurses are always providing our service in the most difficult times", recalling also that "there is always a nurse or nurse by our side".

In this context, the young Lesly García Toruño, a third-year student of Intercultural Nursing, said that "this space is also to make us known as quality nurses and to be better nurses every day".

The fair at the entrance to the New Guinea precinct offered visitors massages, herbal infusions, medicinal plant preparations such as syrups, creams, dissected plants, fruit smoothies and for coordinations established with the Ministry of Health, HIV testing was underway.