73 new coffee and veterinary technicians

By: José Garth Medina

Within the framework of the project "Young people with technical skills for the productivity of family plots", where young entrepreneurs from the municipality of Waslala, URACCAN were involved for 3 consecutive years in coordination with the international organizations and strategic allies of the university, Horizont 3000 and Sei So Frei have managed to train 181 sons and daughters of Waslala producers.

In this context, under the application of a Dual methodology, which consists of the involvement of students and producers, the protagonists of this project were the communities of Naranjo and Kasquita in the municipality of Waslala, that is why, since the URACCAN in the Waslala extension, 73 young people were trained as technicians and technicians in coffee and veterinary medicine , which strengthens production areas in this municipality of the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua.

Activity in the Naranjo community

Teacher Rosidani Molina, coordinator of URACCAN in the Waslala extension, during the graduation made in the Naranjo community of 40 young people, sons and daughters of producers, explained that the technical education project aims to improve the productive plots of Waslala producers.

Faced with this the Phd. Leonor Ruiz Calderón, vice-chancellor of URACCAN in the Las Minas compound, said that, "as URACCAN we are really pleased to share with you all those achievements, to thank the organizations here of the municipality, the associations, the colleagues of non-governmental organizations, but also of the state such as the Mined, the mayoral, parents who are the mainstay , you have all been the pillar so that today with many successes we are celebrating and finishing this project," he said.

For her part, the young Diana Pineda Flores, a veterinary medicine graduate at Naranjo said that thanks to the support of Sei So Frei they managed to apply the knowledge on their plots and that translates into improving the living conditions of her family.

Similarly, the young José Luis Marenco, graduate of the veterinary technician thanked Sei So Frei, URACCAN, Horizont 3000 and each of the teachers who contributed in the learning teaching process.

The importance of project systematization.

For its part, the Nubia Rocha Master's Degree, project officer for Horizont 3000, stressed the importance of 40 men and women developing skills and abilities to work with older and smaller livestock, but most importantly they have obtained values that now call it soft skills, "that's why the importance of systematization, we need to write that model that came out because one thing is what we thought when we did the project , you start writing that it worked and that it didn't work, that we're going to improve, that we're going to strengthen," Rocha said. 

With the success of this project, it is reflected that from URACCAN in conjunction with Sei So Frei and Horizont 3000 and therefore, it was born as a demand of local actors interested in training processes, in addition the Dual methodology was launched, but also approached the university to the community, as an action of shared responsibility with Waslala producers and the different organizations , such as Cacao nica, FDL, Nitlapan, Mined, among others.

Activity in the Kaskita community

While in the community of Kasquita, in the municipality of Waslala, 33 young people graduated, the teacher Angela López, during her words of welcome to the second graduation of coffee technicians, stressed that these young people come to strengthen the productive processes of the kasquita community.

In this context, the young Neycyn Erenia Centeno Blandón thanked God and explained that "the greatest goal is not yet achieved and the greatest idea has not yet been conceived", she highlighted, adding that this graduation is dedicated to the organism Sei So Frei.

Nelson Castañeda, a coffee technician graduate, also thanked URACCAN staff Horizont 3000 and Sei So Frei in particular for their support in this training project, concluded.