Improve weather season capacity

By: Algiers Hernandez

With the presence of PhD. Angelica Leonor Ruiz, vice-chancellor of URACCAN Recinto Las Minas and the vice-chancellor general of this house of intercultural higher education, MA. Yuri Zapata, the Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies (INETER), today delivered the improvement works of the climatic station, located on the Siuna campus of this university campus.

Work on the weather season consisted of the remodeling and improvement of all the equipment contained in the station.

"This weather station is part of the early warning system, and was invested at $23,000, measuring weather variables such as rain, wind, temperature, humidity, solar radiation and atmospheric pressure," explained Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies engineer Hugo Madrigal.

Madrigal, he explained, "that this climatic season, is precisely for the monitoring of natural phenomena, but it can also be given other types of uses, such as for livestock, agriculture and all kinds of soil analysis".

As for the articulation with URACCAN the engineer Madrigal said, "that this is possible thanks to the work together, where the different variables that the station supplies have been evaluated, that weather data are the ones that work for the tasks that are needed, both for work and for surveillance or disaster prevention".

Trained URACCAN staff

For the use of these technological equipment the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, considered performing different types of trainings where knowledge is projected to people of the university for proper use, as we did in the extension URACCAN Waspam and now in Siuna.

At the end of Madrigal, he left a number of recommendations between them, not handling the equipment without the preparation and authorization, building a protective fence for the equipment and the population to take care of these high-cost equipment by not hitting the sensors, the box, or climbing the tower, concluded.