Engineering graduates in Zootechnics meet with academic authorities of the Waslala extension
Teacher Rosidani Molina, coordinator of the Waslala extension, in conversation with graduates of Zootecnia.
José Garth Medina

Implementation of a graduate care plan.

Graduate students of the engineering degree in Zootechnics of URACCAN met with the coordination and academic area of the Waslala extension to discuss the possibility of taking their undergraduate exam, opting for this modality of completion of studies, as stipulated by the regulations of this university.

The Rosidani Molina master's degree, coordinator of the extension, explained that this communication process aims to follow up on students graduated from the different careers of URACCAN, honoring their commitment to professionalize the human talent of the Caribbean Coast and contribute to the development with identity of the region.

Teacher Molina stated that, being aware of the current health context, URACCAN, from the Waslala extension, is working on implementing a graduate care plan.

In that sense, the Licda. Angela López Pérez, head of the academic area at URACCAN Waslala, said the purpose is to provide solutions to the needs and demands of the student, always emphasizing educational relevance and community commitment.

The undergraduate exam evaluates the knowledge, skills and skills developed by the student during his vocational training, the civil service member argued.

At URACCAN Waslala the follow-up to graduates of the different careers is directed as a professional orientation, therefore it has the challenge of training professionals suitable to face the needs of a society that advances with great speed.