Las Minas Campus Planning Commission meets to evaluate different institutional plans
Members of the Planning Committee during the working session.
José Garth Medina

This commission is made up of all the substantive areas of the Las Minas campus.

In order to review the progress of several institutional plans in the Las Minas campus, the Planning Committee held a working session where issues related to URACCAN's new Institutional Life Plan were also addressed. This was reported by the master's degree Julia Argoello Mendieta, member of that instance.  

The master's degree Argoello stated that progress was presented at this meeting on the University Management System (SGU), of the Las Minas campus. In this sense, the master's degree Sergio Rodríguez Ruiz, a member of the commission, said that this is made up of all the substantive areas of URACCAN Las Minas, and in this session it seeks to ensure that 10-year planning becomes a feasible and viable task for this entire educational institution.

The Maria Cristina Feliciano master's degree stated that from the planning area institutional strategic plans have been worked on, the SGU is monitored and risk management plans that have been worked on in articulation with all institutional areas are also monitored and monitored.

"It is a space where we address the problems that are in the university campus in relation to institutional plans and reports," said Master Feliciano.

URACCAN has been advancing and in its walk has developed in an articulated way with the different peoples and communities of the Caribbean Coast its strategic planning and therefore has managed to impact the development with identity of the Autonomous Regions.