Disinfection at URACCAN las Minas enclosure facilities
Workers of the Ministry of Health, fumigating offices of the Las Minas campus.
José Garth Medina

Interinstitutional commitment to the people of the Caribbean Coast

As part of the joint work carried out in Siuna between URACCAN and the different institutions of the State, such as the Ministry of Health, the Fire Directorate, the Municipal Mayor and the Sinapred, the process of disinfection of all facilities in the premises was carried out today, in order to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases, Laura López Polanco reported , responsible for Occupational Hygiene and Safety at URACCAN Las Minas.

López Polanco noted that the disinfection process is expected to take place once a week to protect staff working in the institution, but that all prevention measures announced by the Government should be taken to prevent coronavirus infection.

Mario Pérez, head of Risk Management of the Municipal Government and a member of COMUPRED in Siuna, said that the Government of Nicaragua, as part of the pandemic prevention plan, has begun the process of disinfection of public buildings, bus terminals, offices of state institutions, universities, all with the support of the Fire Directorate and the Ministry of Health.

"We have been fulfilling a plan for several days that seeks disinfection of places where there is an influx of human beings," Mario Pérez reported.

Lieutenant Arturo Gonzales, head of the Siuna Fire Department, said the staff and media in this instance are contributing to the pandemic prevention plan and disinfection processes have been carried out by public institutions and universities.

URACCAN, as a higher education institution, also has a COVID-19 prevention protocol, but also has processes of elaboration of alcohol, gel and soap, as well as prevention measures from the cosmovision of each of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast, from the actions of its Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC).