MINSA fumigation in New Guinea enclosure
Fumigation day in New Guinea.
Judith Robleto

Protecting the health of the university community

From the area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety of URACCAN campus New Guinea was coordinated with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) for the fumigation and prevention of diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya, as well as for disinfection in order to counter COVID-19.  

For teacher Karla Mayorga Castro, responsible for the area of Hygiene and Safety, the activity is carried out to protect the health of the staff and students of the enclosure, because "preventing diseases has been a work that has been done in coordination with the authorities and health personnel of this municipality; we are now in a winter season, so it is prone by mosquitoes and that is why we ask to be smoked the enclosure, for the prevention of this vector."

In addition to all the other measures being implemented on this university campus for the prevention of COVID-19, coordinations have been maintained with MINSA in all campuses to periodically fumigate and prevent the spread of this virus that has caused so many tragedies around the world.

"As URACCAN, in partnerships and coordination at MINSA, we have worked hand in hand to do preventive activities on the premises, but also health promotion and particularly on topics such as home visits with Nursing students to eliminate mosquito breeding sites with the folding, among other actions," explained the civil service.

In winter, respiratory diseases exacerbate and plagues such as stilts, flies and rats proliferate, which is why this house of higher education invites the Nicaraguan population to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, in order to prevent viral diseases.