Rhythms and sones that unern and harmonize

By: Juan Polanco Hernández

A waste of culture, diversity, music, sones, instruments, dances, smiles, movements, feelings, spiritualism, worldviews and brotherhood, was lived during the intercultural artistic exchange on the first day of the Fourth National Congress of Nicaraguan Higher Education, at the Alexis Argoello Sports Center.

The artistic exhibition consisted of a combination of dances and performances of the universities members of the National Council of Universities (UNC), highlighting dances of the pacific, north and Caribbean of the country.

The algarabía and enthusiasm for the present public was the payment received by the young people who reveled in their dances, music, songs and movements, from the typical Goegense, El Enano Cabezón and the Gigantona with their chicheros, warrior dances of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples and the moved and traditional Palo de Mayo.

The competition overflowed with the Caribbean sones of Palo de Mayo, doing a massive collective dance between the performances and the public, led by the movements and rhythm of the URACCAN Dance Group, who performed at this event.