Sharing knowledge and doing

By: Juan Polanco Hernández

From an intercultural perspective, through systematizations of experiences, research, thesis and work prepared by the participants, the thematic table 1 was developed on the axis of Interculturality in Education, coordinated by Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN.

The thematic table was coordinated by Master Yuri Zapata, vice-chancellor general of URACCAN, accompanied by the Msc. Efraín Acuña, rapporteur and Dr. Bolívar Téllez, moderate; who were in charge of 12 presentations between lectures and posters, on topics related to interculturality and practices of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and mestizos of the Caribbean Coast.

Learn, unlearn and relearn

According to Zapata, we must work together, through the cultural richness that is in the country, Latin America and the world, served from every perspective, from each worldview, since the intercultural theme must be ensured with relevance.

"In Latin America we have grown a lot based on the practices that we must learn and unlearn to resume those actions that give rise to the axis of interculturality, on cultural elements that must be reflected and highlighted," Zapata said.

He also called for actions that help and contribute to interculturalize education in Nicaragua "And while building a world, a better country, in Good Living with peoples," he said.

Lectures on intercultural practices

In addition, during the development of thematic table, master presentations were held on topics such as biodiversity, Good Living, curriculum management, worldview of education, peoples' lives, intercultural classrooms, traditional medicine, transformation of education and accompaniment, among others, based on the intercultural and community model.

During these presentations, URACCAN's intercultural community model and the accompaniment it has made to the peoples of the Caribbean Coast and the other universities of Nicaragua on the issue of interculturality in education, as well as the work and efforts of Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, was highlighted.