In URACCAN New Guinea

By: Judith Robleto

URACCAN, as part of the processes that promote the creation and recreation of knowledge, knowledge and doing in its university community, develops the University Conferences of Scientific Development (JUDC). This year, at the New Guinea site, the XXI JUDC was opened, with the participation of 33 research papers and 11 innovative projects.  

The objective of this activity is to promote and enhance research in the student as a form of the process of vocational training and knowledge of the different problems that affect our society.

After the religious invocation that opened the research event, the teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the venue, gave words of welcome to those present making a little history about the meaning of research for URACCAN.

"One year after this venue opened, the second-year student presented his first research, which means that from the beginning they began to incentivize what research is, a cross-cutting axis in our university and internationally, because research is what gives the solution to many of the problems we face in today's world" said the teacher.

Research: An investment to move towards Local Development

The University Day of Scientific Development is an activity that arises in the universities of Nicaragua, in the year 1980. It summarizes the research activity carried out by the university each year both in the area of teaching, extension and free research, in it the greater participation is of our students.

The JUDC is organized by Master Wilson Claro, research coordinator and graduate of the campus, with the participation of area coordinations directly in the choice of research topics; for Calero "the JUDC has been a hotbed for publications in URACCAN magazines and I think that is a great contribution of the enclosure to the dissemination in Nicaragua and the Caribbean coast," he said.

In each university campus of this study house, the scientific day is held every year; and the best works are awarded with stimuli and, in addition, the best work of each venue participates in the Science Expo at the national level, in which all the universities members of the National Council of Universities (UNC) participate.