Conversations on apprenticeships

By: José Garth Medina

Two University Teaching teachers conducted a conversational in order to present their harvest of knowledge and knowledge in the processes of evaluation of apprenticeships, from the pedagogical model of URACCAN, in the university campus Las Minas.

This harvest focused on recreating, from practice and theory, the application of CRISACC in the career of Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development, offered in the Las Minas Campus and the extension of Rosita.

Opportunities and knowledge

Teacher Judith Colindres Pizarro commented that this process means an opportunity from teaching, to make a contribution to the URACCAN Pedagogical Model and move towards a transformation of education for the training of men and women.

"It is an opportunity to move on a path of transformation of education, where we go from traditional teachers to constructive teachers and train committed and able men and women to face challenges," she said.

Intercultural community planting and harvesting

For his part, Jose Ruiz, teacher and participant of this sharing, assured that it has been a contribution of the pedagogical model, "But we know and we have put the seed so that from there new paths can be built that are consistent with the Intercultural Community Model, we have given a small proposal, hopefully it is the beginning of a light along the way," he said.

Also, the Sergio Rodríguez master's degree, tutor of the thesis, highlighted the importance of the type of university that has been built and the opportunities it allows to contribute from the different spaces. "Today we are talking about a service staff, in this case driver, who are contributing to the processes of strengthening the learning community, reflecting interest in improving evaluation processes from the applicability of the intercultural community model," Rodriguez said.

Photos: Rosa Montenegro