Reflection of the commission's work

By: Neylin Calderón

The Commission on Eradication, Gender-Based Violence and other related intolerance of URACCAN in the Bilwi compound met with the purpose of reflecting on the commission's own feelings and doings within the university community.

This commission is made up of members of the administrative and teaching guilds, student representative and the different areas of the campus and the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN), who are responsible for accompanying cases based on violence, intolerance, bullying within the premises, in addition, in compliance with the policies of the Intercultural Institution of Gender implemented in all areas of work and education of this house of intercultural studies.

According to Professor Lenin Green, President of the Commission, on this occasion they meet to assess the work, incidence, attention, awareness-raising and prevention of violence that has been given to the university community throughout this year.

Internal evaluation

Among the fundamental roles of the commission is to provide talks, accompaniments to potential victims with violence or to discriminate, too, to reduce the different types of manifestations of violence that may be taking place "both in administrative, student staff, also with teachers," Green said.

In addition, from within the committee, self-assessment is carried out to identify the strengths and weaknesses that the commission has had, in addition to analyzing the challenges to be proposed to be met for next year, among them, "The management of financial resources to carry out the initiatives that we have planned, to further address the issue of violence at different levels , because we also have a diagnosis of violence that has been made in the compound... We're going to work on the results of that diagnosis," Green concluded.

Topics addressed

In this context, the topics addressed at this meeting were the evaluation of the annual report, results of this year's collaborative mapping at the venue, in the same way, the realization of the case care route, the 2020 action plan, the feel and making of the commission, the planning of the International Day of Non-Violence towards Women this Monday, November 25, of the current year.