Rectors Summit

By: Juan Polanco Hernández

URACCAN, from its processes of internationalization and interculturalization of Higher Education in the country and region, participates, represented by William Flores, program officer of URACCAN, in the Summit of Rectors of Central America and Mexico, held at the Autonomous University of Chiapas, Tuxla-Gutiérrez, Mexico.

This event, has as its main object, design an academic cooperation program between Mexican Universities and Central American Universities. At URACCAN, the internationalization process is proposed, both as an accompaniment to the university's strengthening process and to the empowerment of human resources with equal opportunities for men and women.

The academic cooperation program seeks to promote cooperation, mobility and academic exchange, innovation of educational practices and social knowledge management between universities and higher education institutions in Mexico and the Central American Integration System (SICA), to strengthen their academic skills and competitiveness and to contribute to the integration and sustainable development of the region.

From URACCAN, cooperation programmes and projects are aimed at teaching, research, social and community extension and internationalization. Strategically, the University's external cooperation projects have an orientation to social linkage, promotion of interculturality and gender equity, institutional strengthening, academic excellence, research and innovation and institutional self-support.

Photo: Marvy Lucia