Contributions from URACCAN Institutes and Centres

Contributions from URACCAN Institutes and Centres

Within the framework of the VII URACCAN Student Congress 2019, held at the Kamla-Bilwi campus, Puerto Cabezas, from 3 to 6 May, various presentations were held on the institutional work of the first Intercultural Community University in Latin America, URACCAN.

In this regard, teacher Bernardine Dixon, director of the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), made her masterful presentation on the contexts and processes experienced by the URACCAN Institutes and Centers for 25 years, highlighting the articulation processes with various local, regional, national and international entities.

Dixon mentioned the being and making of universities, mentioning that they are a means of promoting authentic endogenous and sustainable development, intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace. The teacher also commented that "Research and community accompaniment are carried out with the participation of students, academia, research teams and allied actors, through the implementation of cooperation projects, articulating processes that contribute to radiating the model of Intercultural Community University in our society", she shared.

Similarly, Teacher Dixon emphasized the work of URACCAN's own research institutes and centres, highlighting their work, with a view to strengthening self-management and decision-making capacities for indigenous peoples and ethnic communities.

Strengthening Community Social Impact

Dixon also mentioned the various contributions of URACCAN and its Institutes and Centers for the construction of new models and social projects that contribute to the good to do and the good life of peoples, contributions that diversify into issues of health, education, Regional Autonomy, among others. These contributions, in turn, lead to the signing of agreements and agreements that strengthen the work of URACCAN, its institutes and Centers and the population that is part of them.

"In this space, and on behalf of the institutes and research centers, we reaffirm our commitment to continue working together and together for this university that we build, every day, from our dreams and illusions and make to you, the students of our university, a formal invitation to be active participants in the processes we promote," the teacher concluded.