Strengthening institutional processes

By: José Garth Medina

The Intercultural Community University recognizes the formative process of its human talents, processes that materialize in the work of the student community of URACCAN, being men and women of good, who bet on more fraternal, collaborative, transparent and human-sense relationships that bet on the protection of the care of Mother Earth, with an intercutural perspective of gender.

In this sense, the University Council of the Las Minas Campus unanimously approved at its third session, to promote Master Rosa Montenegro to the position of coordinator of the Area of Education Sciences and Languages.

After 25 years of journey in contribution to the indigenous peoples, Afro descendants and half-breeds of the Caribbean Coast, URACCAN continues and will continue to join forces with its human talent to strengthen the regional processes of the Caribbean Coast and in contributions to the country.

Brief job description

Teacher MontenegroTeacher Montenegro arrived in URACCAN in the kitchen area in 2004; in 2008 he became assistant in administration; in 2012, she assumed responsibility as assistant to the academic secretary, to date, being an example of overcoming and hard work, taking advantage of and gaining opportunities within this study house.

His training

Upon arriving in URACCAN, the Montenegro teacher obtained the opportunity to continue her studies, obtaining her baccalaureate in 2006; he then studied a bachelor's degree in pedagogy at URACCAN, graduating in 2012 and in 2015 graduated as a master's degree in Multilingual Intercultural Education, at this same university.


The authorities of the University Council of the Las Minas Campus, having analysed and studied the candidacies to take office, decided that the Montenegro teacher would be the one to take office from August this year

URACCAN, in addition to forming human talent, develops a work environment that allows its employees to feel inside and part of this large intercultural family, strengthening the institutional processes of URACCAN.