URACCAN Electoral Committee, trains polling station members
Training of URACCAN 2021 polling station members
Training of URACCAN 2021 polling station members
Judith Robleto

For the 2021 institutional election process

In view of the forthcoming institutional elections for the positions of rectory, deputy general vice-rectory and deputy vice-chancellors of the precinct; the URACCAN Electoral Commission, appointed by the University Council of this house of intercultural higher education, initiated the process of training polling station members.

The trainings to the Electoral Committees by venue, initiated in URACCAN venues New Guinea and Bluefields and consists in the appropriation and management of the Electoral Regulations and all the actions that will be articulated in this electoral process; this training is facilitated by Dr. Fernando Saavedra, legal adviser to URACCAN, accompanied by teacher Bernardine Dixon, chairwoman of the Electoral Committee.

According to Dixon, this training process, which is contemplated in the electoral calendar, makes it possible to clarify any doubts that the members of the polling stations have, adding that "all this activity is carried out with the intention of ensuring a transparent, free, democratic, peaceful electoral process that is a real civic holiday"

Participation of institutional guilds at polling stations

Polling stations are made up of representations of the teaching, administrative and study staff of each of the university campuses. In this sense, the engineer Edithza Mendoza Granja, member of the administrative guild, assured that being part of the process, by participating in polling stations, "is very beautiful and we expect a peaceful, equitable and participatory process, where the entire university community is involved", emphasized.

For her part, teacher Yanci Moraga, member of the administrative guild commented that "it is an honor to participate in the electoral committee of the venue, where accompaniment will be given and will be immersed throughout the electoral process, seeking that the process be civic, highlighting the institutional values that are trumpeted in our mission, vision and university principles," he said.

Likewise, Joel Velázquez, student of this venue, invited the student in general to be part of what he called "a great civic feast", stating that "it is important to always leave the name of URACCAN, because URACCAN we are all, it is important to participate civically and respectfully", he shared.

URACCAN invites us to live with joy, active participation and civics these election holidays 2021, which come to strengthen the processes of our model of Intercultural Community University.