UNC discloses new educational methodologies for the 2021 academic year
The rector of URACCAN said that 170 teachers are being trained in an international certification on virtual platforms.
Dara Contreras

URACCAN will continue to strengthen its intercultural community model

From the Fernando Gordillo auditorium of UNAN-Managua, the National Council of Universities (UNC) developed an ordinary session with the higher education institutions belonging to this organization and, through a press conference, the new methodologies to be adopted for this academic year 2021 were released.

At this important conference, teacher Ramona Rodríguez Pérez, rector of UNAN-Managua and president of the UNC, emphasized that these new methodologies implemented are contemplated under the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the world's population, thus following measures guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MINSA) the examination of admission is eliminated , to prevent contagion due to crowding of persons.

In this sense, the qualifications of secondary studies will play a fundamental role, since based on this will be allocated university quotas in conjunction with the result of the psychometric test; in some exceptions, high schoolers will be interviewed or grades will be eligible only.

These methodological adjustments are intended to strengthen the educational quality, reaffirming the commitment to guarantee education for all, said the teacher Rodríguez Pérez, with the aim of continuing to train professionals committed to social problems.

Strengthening URACCAN by 2021

For her part, the rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker, ensures the preparation to receive the student in the academic year 2021 in this house of higher education and emphasizes the strengthening from the propedeutic courses, to analyze the context and leveling of each student, from a monitoring and, based on this, prepare the educational strategies, according to the successes or successes presented by the students.

To secure and strengthen these new strategies. Rector Hooker ensures the training of 170 teachers and teachers, in an international certification for the management of virtual platforms. "We hope that there will be better monitoring of students, because everyone since they enter will be receiving Mathematics, Language and Literature, English, but also the different technologies, so that they can make better use," he said.

URACCAN will continue to strengthen its intercultural community model, focused on articulating traditional knowledge with Western knowledge, prioritizing the knowledge, doing and practices of indigenous peoples, and thus preparing and training teachers, to ensure quality higher education, where everyone has the same opportunities.